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Vibe Music App

social media marketing case study, 2019

From January through December of 2019 I worked as the Head of Social Media on a social music app startup, called Vibe, which was created by students at Duke University. The app’s mission was to make the process of discovering music more social, collaborative, and fun. In addition, the app strived to bridge the gap between AppIe Music and Spotify users, enabling music-lovers to share and discover music with friends regardless of the streaming platform they use.

I devised the app's social media marketing strategy during its April 2019 launch at Duke, successfully recruiting over 20% of Duke’s undergraduate student body to download the app. I then went on to lead the app's college ambassador program at the Claremont Colleges in the fall of 2019, recruiting over 20 student ambassadors, marketing the app to the student body, and planning several launch events. In addition, I formulated the guidelines for the college ambassador programs at all three universities/consortiums we launched to in the fall: Duke, The Claremont Colleges, and the University of Southern California. 

Prior to this endeavor, I worked for over a year as a content creator and account manager at Social Style House, a digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles. Drawing from this experience, I devised a visual content strategy tailored specifically to Vibe’s mission, launch plan, and targeted demographic. I chose images, wrote captions, followed and engaged with students at our targeted universities, and recruited and collaborated with other student creators to produce unique photo and video content for the social media pages. Below are some highlights from this project:

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