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JUST PLANT IT: An Urban Gardening Revolution

documentary film, 2021

JUST PLANT IT: An Urban Gardening Revolution tells the story of Prime Hendrix, a key player in the burgeoning community gardening movement in San Bernardino, California. Originally from South Central Los Angeles, Prime moved to San Bernardino a little over 5 years ago. He quickly began to notice the lack of access to healthy food in the area, and specifically, the negative impacts this has had on San Bernardino's Black and brown communities. Fueled by personal tragedy and the desire to create a healthier, more community-oriented space for younger generations, Prime decided to take matters into his own hands and spearhead an urban gardening movement in his city. Through the work of his non-profit JUST PLANT IT, Prime hopes to change the lives and livelihood of those living in San Bernardino, one vegetable at a time.

I created this film alongside Owen Halstad and Olivia McGrath during the EcoDocumentary course at Pitzer College in Fall 2021. The film was also made in collaboration with the Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability.

To support JUST PLANT IT, visit

To learn more about Prime's work, visit

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