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Deer Humans,

audio documentary, 2022
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Jane Gill (wildlife rescuer) and Jane Doe (deer)

Every summer, herds of wealthy vacationers flock to a group of seaside towns on the East End of Long Island, New York, collectively known as The Hamptons. Although it's known for its sprawling beaches, star-studded events, and exorbitantly high-priced real estate, The East End is also home to an ecological conflict that has been decades in the making. White-tailed deer are overpopulated in many parts of the country, and on the East End, the overabundance of these animals has become a major point of contention in the community. The East End's local deer population poses many threats to both human and non-human life-- deer cause lethal car collisions, play a major role in the spread of tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme Disease, and contribute to an increasingly alarming sense of ecological imbalance. Some members of the community want to eliminate deer completely, while others are dedicated to protecting them. What has ensued is a local conflict entangled with issues of animal rights, disease epidemics, and wildlife management, ultimately posing the question: who has the right to inhabit land? Deer Humans, tells the story of what happens when humans are forced to reckon with a changing environment caused by, well, us.

Deer Humans, received the "Moment of Calm Unflappability" award at the 2022 International Women's Podcast Awards.

Click here to listen to the full series.

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